Thursday, August 14, 2008

Birdzilla comes to Finchville!

Back in June Jim Dubois sent me a great series of photos from his backyard feeder, along with amusing -- and strikingly apt I think -- commentary. Enjoy!

(Jim is a member of Nature Canada's online community and has his own Web site of beautiful bird photography. Check it out.)

Photo 1: As the inhabitants of Finchville slept peacefully, unaware of the impending disaster headed their way, Birdzilla relentlessly plodded on, determined to stomp the town off the face of the arbour.

Photo 2: Suddenly, a mysterious stranger appeared, blocking the path of the monster.

Photo 3: Heedless of his own safety, he calmly talked to the monster, reminding it of their common dinosaur heritage, and family traits they'd shared before the accident had created this freak of nature.

Photo 4: To the onlookers amazement, the two protagonists seemed to be sharing a joke.
Photo 5: To the huge relief of Finchville's citizens, the monster quietly turned away, heading back the way it had come. The town was saved!

Thanks Jim!


Flu-Bird said...

The small bird is a BLACK HEADED GROSBEAK