Friday, August 8, 2008

Skunks Do Not Like Ice Caps

A friend of mine, Michelle Paton, who used to be the office manager here, has a cat named Crash, who has a predilection for skunks (Michelle believes it’s because Crash thinks they look like him).

Last week, Crash helped draw a neighbour's attention to a skunk who had his head caught in a Tim Horton’s ice cap container – now I generally hustle the other way when a skunk crosses my path, but thankfully this neighbour did come to the aid of the poor creature as he staggered up and down the street trying to alternately pry or shake the cup off. Though it was only plastic, it must have started to feel very heavy after a while - who knows how long he’d had his head caught in it.

The neighbour carefully approached the skunk, dropped a blanket over him, and pried the cup off. Then little “Smelly” went quickly on his way.

To make sure that Crash’s efforts to raise our awareness don’t go wasted, Michelle -- and now I -- will be sure to cut up those containers the same way we do those plastic holders that hold six-packs of cans together (to protect the birds) before placing them into our recycling.

By the way, for those who are wondering, Michelle's neighbour's blanket is a write-off.