Thursday, October 2, 2008

Take a peek at Suffield-Watch our coalition's new video

The high-profile hearing for EnCana’s application for a large shallow gas project in the Suffield National Wildlife Area (NWA) began in Calgary today. A few days ago, the Suffield Coalition – seven conservation groups opposing the application – launched a three-minute video highlighting EnCana’s poor environmental record in the area and pointing to the danger to Suffield’s rare grassland ecosystem. The video, entitled “Suffield National Wildlife Area – Defending a Grassland Treasure,” can also be viewed on Nature Canada's web site, or the Alberta Wilderness Association web site.


hong said...

I was touched deeply when I viewed the new images of the great nature.
The precious wild animals, plants and the nature itself are magnificent and harmonious and indeed we should do our best to protect environment against pollution.

fragileprairie said...

Having grown up in the Medicine Hat area, I always thought that "it was all just grass". It wasn't until I went to University and studied range management that I started to realize the diversity of the area. Further studies including geography, wildlife management, soil science, etc. helped me to more fully appreciate the fragile nature of such a rare ecosystem, and I became a staunch proponent of preserving what little we have left. Let's keep up the good fight and prevent more development in this precious resource!