Friday, December 11, 2009

Looking for a Real Deal in Copenhagen

We are approaching the mid-way point of the United Nations climate talks in Copenhagen, and things aren't looking good for our future. Canada has been named "Fossil of the Day" 3 times, blocking progress on an agreement that sets fair and binding targets for greenhosue gas emissions from 2012 onward.

It's time to tell our leaders that we want a real deal to come out of this summit.

This weekend, people like you will be coming together all over the world for positive events that reinforce the message.

Friday December 11th - Vigils for Survival Join groups as they light candles to stand in solidarity with those who live in nations imminently threatened by climate change.

Saturday December 12th - Global Day of Rallies, Marches and Vigils Mobilize in major centres to take a stand against climate change and add your name to the global call for a real deal.

Sunday December 13th - Sound Off Communities of faith join together to ring bells, blow horns or beat drums, highlighting the urgency of the climate crisis.

Find out more about these events by visiting campaign websites like or locate an event near you by using this handy tool from TckTckTck.


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A new resource for youth on climate change, the greenhouse effect and Copenhagen:

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