Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Parliamentary Critics that Matter Most for Nature

The new official opposition today unveiled its shadow cabinet, the team of members of parliament who will each focus on a specific area of responsibility in their role of keeping the federal government accountable. We recently highlighted the 8 key ministers that play the most important roles in nature conservation. Similarly new shadow cabinet includes 8 critics with key portfolios that matter most for nature. They are:
  • Megan Leslie, Environment
  • Linda Duncan, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development
  • Fin Donnelly, Fisheries and Oceans
  • Romeo Saganash, Natural Resources
  • Jack Harris, National Defence
  • Hélène Laverdière, International Co-operation
  • Peggy Nash, Finance
  • Alexandre Boulerice, Treasury Board
Nature Canada looks forward to working with these critics and all MPs in the House to promote effective federal government action to protect wildlife, preserve natural areas, prevent environmental disasters, and lead Canadian conservation.